Limo Service

An infamous celebrity one said at the height of his success, ‘you haven’t lived until you’ve been blown in a limo’ and never has a truer word been spoken.

We provide a transport service unlike any other, we will pick you up at a destination of your choice in a beautiful limo brimming with elegance, waiting for you inside will be a beautiful woman eager to satisfy the person who enters. During the journey to a destination of your choice, you will be seduced by the warm touch of one of our beautiful sirens, who will massage you intimately caressing your body and allowing you to escape your daily stresses and struggles. You will receive a sexy strip tease which then seamlessly leads to a naked body to body massage. You will be writhing in pleasure whilst those around you will most likely be infuriated at the traffic they are immersed in, or the claustrophobic anxiety of vehicular transport.

The ultimate in discretion, pleasure, convenience and anonymity; this is the ultimate way to travel across London, perhaps to a business meeting, to or from the airport, to your hotel or perhaps just a mini break.

VIP 5 STAR LIMO MASSAGE = 500 pounds an hour any girl